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Covid 19: 80% of Aucklanders called to serve as a jury do not show up for the resumption of trials

Only 20% of those called to serve on juries at Auckland District Court actually showed up when the first day of jury trials resumed under Covid-19 restrictions. Of the 800 voters in the Auckland region who were contacted, only 180 responded to say they would run and around 160 did so on Tuesday, according to […]

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Why Registering Property at Pune Sub-Registrar Office is a Two-Day Affair

PUNE Overcrowding and long queues at the Sub Registrar’s offices have continued leaving citizens wishing to register property or register certificates related to other matters in a state of desperation. To make matters worse, the perennial problem of “down servers” has still not been resolved, despite the ministry being responsible for large sums of money […]

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Public notice of 1% manual count | November 2, 2021 Uniform District Election | Elections | Register of voters

Published: October 26, 2021 The Sonoma County Office of the Registrar of Electors will draw precincts and batches to be manually counted to verify ballot counting equipment on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. at the Office of the Registrar of Electors, 435 Fiscal Dr., Sainte-Rose. For polling station ballots, one percent of constituencies […]

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A call to move the Deputy Registrar’s office

Visitors complain that this Velachery facility isn’t spacious and point out that during the pandemic it can’t help people maintain social distancing Visitors complain that this Velachery facility isn’t spacious and point out that during the pandemic it can’t help people maintain social distancing Visitors to Rajalakshmi Nagar’s Deputy Registrar’s office in Velachery are embarrassed […]

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The office of the Deputy Registrar changes address

For more than a decade, Konnur’s sub-registry office has been a challenge to those who travel there. It was either a matter of locating it, or spending one’s time there, or both. Before the lockdown, it was considerably better than before, as the office was located on the first floor of a shopping complex on […]

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Waiting for registration lengthens at the taluk deputy registrar’s office

Elderly citizen Vaman Nayak had been waiting with five other elderly family members since 8:30 a.m. Thursday at the Mangaluru taluk deputy registrar’s office to sign a bill of sale. His turn didn’t even come at 12:30, as staff were present for Wednesday appointments which were affected by server issues. Mr Nayak was among many […]

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The GRTC offers a shuttle to the new civil status office

RICHMOND, Virginia – The GRTC will now provide a shuttle service to the Registrar General’s office for the City of Richmond, which recently moved to a larger facility with more space for social distancing for in-person absentee voting. The free shuttle will start on Wednesday September 23 and will be available until October 31, the […]

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The Chesterfield Registrar’s Office encourages voters to vote in one of three ways

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Virginia – The Chesterfield County Registrar’s Office wants to assure all voters that we are taking every precaution to provide a safe voting environment. “With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, we know some voters may be looking for safer ways to vote in person or vote privately without encountering large crowds and potentially […]

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Richmond Registrar’s Office trades town hall for bigger digs

The building at 2134 W. Laburnum Ave., where the city’s registrar’s office is moving. (Jonathan Spiers) Correction: The address of the new office was incorrect in a previous version of this story. The address has been corrected. Just in time for this fall’s election, the municipal office responsible for voter registration in Richmond has secured […]

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Registrar’s office open after month-long hiatus | Madurai News

Madurai: After a month-long hiatus, all District Registrar and Sub-Registrar offices were opened on Monday after permission from the state government. However, only a few people showed up to take advantage of the service. Registration of properties and agreements has been blocked due to lockdown. This resulted in the unavailability of the stamp papers necessary […]