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Pittsylvania Registrar’s Office Moves Into New Elections Training Center | New

Effective February 22, the Pittsylvania County Elections Department and Registrar of Voters are moving to the new Pittsylvania County Elections and Training Center, located at 18 Depot Street, Chatham, 24531.

The old Election Service building did not have enough space to accommodate such a high volume of early voters, let alone keep them socially at bay.

“The old facility did not allow the department to function at its highest level,” said Kelly Keesee, Pittsylvania County Registrar. “Each room we were using for multiple purposes with very little workspace. Coronavirus and physical distancing requirements created massive restrictions on voter service. We also encountered internal issues to maintain remote staff to keep operating. In the new facility we have dedicated space for all of our functions under one roof. This will streamline our functions and significantly improve our service to voters. “

Citizens will be able to register to vote, change their address and cancel their voter card in the new establishment. Those interested in running in local elections can also complete the processing of candidatures for the new electoral center.

This facility will also become Chatham’s polling station, where registered voters can fill out their ballots earlier, in person, 45 days before each election. Statewide primaries are scheduled for June 8, and general elections are scheduled for November 3.

Formerly the Pittsylvania County Social Services Headquarters, the new facility has been renovated with funds from the CARES Act to accommodate the electoral center and serve as a training and storage center for other departments in Pittsylvania County.

Pittsylvania County Public Safety staff will be relocating to the former Registrar’s Office located at 110 Old Chatham Elementary Lane, Chatham, 24531.