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Online fake detected in the rural deputy registrar’s office in Kadapa

The Department of Stamps and Registration is puzzled by the appearance of a scam in the office of the Rural Deputy Registrar in Kadapa, apparently involving document editors and internet centers, resulting in a loss of stamp duties for the Public Treasury.

The culprits allegedly used loopholes in the global financial management system (CFMS), which had until then been considered infallible.

The scam was detected on Monday when a draftsman submitted a few documents for the registration of land ownership, including a challan confirming payment of stamp duty in the CFMS.

Increasingly suspicious, Joint Deputy Registrar JMV Prasad checked the CFMS website, which revealed that the amount paid was in fact ₹ 1 and not the required stamp duty in full.

Mr. Prasad immediately alerted superiors, who discovered that the challan downloaded from the website had been “graphically altered” in an internet center and that the total amount was falsely marked as being paid into the CFMS account.

“Normally the 14 digit challan number once generated cannot be used anymore. We usually check the Challan number and payment status online, but the CFMS website rarely reveals the actual amount paid. This little loophole has may have been useful for the culprit, ”said an official of the department at the state level, on condition of anonymity.

All these years, the ministry felt that the CFMS website could not be tampered with, until this simple case of online counterfeiting proved them wrong.

Based on a complaint filed by Mr. Prasad, the RIMS police filed an FIR.

“We, in turn, asked the registration service to conduct an internal investigation and arrive at the number of documents and the money involved so that we can go further,” said circle inspector Narendra. Reddy.

Clarity on the extent of the offense is expected to emerge by Saturday.