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Deputy Registrar’s Office Employees Extend Collective Leave Until Today: The Tribune India

Our correspondent
Mandi Ahmedgarh / Raikot / Payal, May 25

Residents visiting the offices of the Deputy Registrar in the region to do work related to registration and miscellaneous remained unhappy as ministerial staff affiliated with the Punjab DC Office Workers Union had taken mass leave for the second day today.

Previously, notice was given for only two days, but staff have now extended their leave until tomorrow.

Bhoj Raj Sharma, a resident of Subhash Nagar, Ahmedgarh, and a former counselor and social worker, said routine work at the deputy registrar’s office has remained on hold for various reasons in recent days.

“While members of the Union of Revenue Officers had previously avoided working to get their demands accepted, the reason given is now a ministerial staff members’ agenda,” Sharma said, adding that elected members rural local bodies were also harassed a lot because they had to accompany residents on several occasions to attest to the authenticity of their claims.

“The problems have worsened now because almost all services are available after making an appointment with the managers online, but the system does not reflect the interruption of a particular service due to a strike or not. -availability of the responsible responsible, “said Munish Sharma.

Amrit Pal Singh Pannu, boss of the union’s Sangrur unit, said the state body informed the state government in advance of the mass leave in order to minimize inconvenience to the public.

“Unfortunately, the government has not even taken note of our resentment over the non-acceptance of our long-standing demands,” Pannu said.